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    Graphic Designer Jobs in Dubai & All Over UAE (Feb 2024)


    This post is for people looking for web or graphic design jobs in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE. It offers valuable insights for both freelancers and those pursuing positions within companies. As a freelancer, having a personal website and portfolios from previous businesses you’ve worked with is important.

    To provide all services in one place, you need to be a proficient professional. A recommendation from an experienced professional matters when seeking corporate-level employment. For similar jobs in various fields and locations worldwide, explore ‘Graphic Designer Jobs‘.

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    Graphic Designer Job Details

    Job PositionGraphic/Web Designer
    Job LocationDubai & Across UAE
    NationalityAny Nationality
    EducationEquivalent degree/diploma holders
    SalarySpecified below
    BenefitsAs per UAE labor law
    Last Updated on8th February 2024

    Graphic Designer Jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah & Ajman

    Graphic Designer Jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah & Ajman

    Graphic Designer Jobs in Dubai: Overview

    Dubai is more than just skyscrapers and luxury shopping malls—it’s a hub of creativity and innovation. With businesses from all over the world flocking to Dubai, there’s no shortage of opportunities for talented graphic designers like you.

    Job Opportunities in Dubai’s Creative Landscape

    From advertising to marketing to design, Dubai offers a plethora of industries where your skills can shine. Whether you’re designing logos, marketing collateral, web graphics, or product packaging, there’s always something exciting to work on.

    Requirements for Graphic Designer Positions

    To land a graphic designer job in Dubai, you’ll need more than just a keen eye for design. A bachelor’s degree in graphic design or a related field is a must, along with proficiency in software like Adobe Creative Suite. And don’t forget to polish up that portfolio—it’s your ticket to showcasing your creativity and landing your dream job.

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    Eligibility Criteria for Graphic Designer Roles

    Companies in Dubai typically look for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, expertise in software like Adobe Creative Suite, and a solid portfolio showcasing your best work. So make sure to brush up on your skills and put together an impressive portfolio that highlights your creativity and talent.

    Skills and Qualifications Needed

    In addition to technical skills, you’ll need excellent communication skills for collaborating with clients and team members. Plus, staying up-to-date with contemporary design trends is key to staying ahead in this ever-evolving industry.

    Salary and Benefits in the UAE

    Competitive salaries, health insurance, paid time off, and other benefits are commonly offered to graphic designers in the UAE. And while freelancers may earn higher rates, they may miss out on traditional benefits offered by companies.

    What are the benefits of Graphic Designer jobs in Dubai?

    Some benefits of getting the graphics designer jobs in Dubai are elaborated below in detail.

    • You can make a lot of money: Graphic design jobs demand expertise and skill in using popular design tools. If you’re passionate and skilled in graphic design, you can easily earn money with your abilities.
    • You can do freelance: Graphic design doesn’t tie you to one place to earn. In your free time, freelance using your computer. It not only boosts income but also enhances your skills and expertise.
    • Job Security: Digital marketing and business trends have become global, ensuring a constant demand for graphic designers.
    • Opportunities to Improve: As you learn more and gain experience, update your resume for better job prospects.

    How to Apply for Graphic Designer Jobs in Dubai?

    Ready to take the plunge and apply for graphic designer jobs in Dubai? Keep an eye out for the latest job postings online and tailor your resume and portfolio to each specific job and company. And don’t forget to engage in post-application communication to express your interest and inquire about the next steps in the hiring process.

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    List of Available Positions in Dubai

    Check out our list of available graphic designer jobs in Dubai and start your journey to a fulfilling and exciting career in graphic design today!

    Graphic Designers

    Job Sector: An established t-shirt printing company in the UAE.
    Experience: minimum 2 years of experience in printing t-shirts and following software,
     Adobe Illustrator
     In Design.
    Skills: Excellent in English and Arabic will be a value-added advantage.
    Ability: Capable to attend the client and close the deal.
    Benefits: Visa will be provided by the company.

    WhatsApp: +971 55 508 4027 
    Email Cv to: [email protected]
    Job Posted on: 7th February 2024

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