Pharmacist Jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah UAE (June 2024)


    Most open pharmacist positions, particularly in places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other parts of the UAE, are supposedly new-grad positions. This is probably what they should work best at, making the most of the opportunity to practice in collaboration under the registrant pharmacists involved with the retail pharmacy setting to get the chance to develop one’s craft under this type of capacity and learn relevant skills associated with the mental age of a qualified pharmacist. There is still very much teaching on dispensing medicines for patients so that the patient is enlightened on the proper dose and method of med consumption. The student is also fully versed in handling and storing medicines, protecting the effects and concerning safety.

    That way, they get to familiarize themselves with the many different skills, especially Customer Service. They are trained on how to treat various kinds of inquiries brought forth by other patients, giving them loads of correct information that they would wish to know concerning their medication. Therefore, students must be allowed enough time to set a proper foundation in pharmacy practices.

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    Job PositionPharmacist
    CountryUnited Arab Emirates
    Job LocationDubai, Abu Dhabi , Sharjah & UAE
    Job TypeFull time
    NationalityAny Nationality
    EducationEquivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
    Experience1-2 Years
    Language SkillsEnglish / DHA License
    SalarySpecified below
    BenefitsAs Per UAE Labor Law
    Application typeOnline/Offline
    Last Updated onJune 12th, 2024

    Pharmacist Jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah UAE (Dec 2023)

    Pharmacist Job Details

    Apart from being well-informed about well-being in clinical settings, pharmacists are healthcare specialists and masters in diagnosing and treating diseases and giving tips on preventing the disease. A pharmacist is, in the first place, more trained than the training in the pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. Apart from that, a pharmacist stresses significantly the use of medicine appropriately and effectively for the given patient.

    In your line of work, pharmaceutical quality control is part of a long list of functions you will handle. Continuous monitoring, implementing, and appraising expiry dates of standards of drug safety in your place of work. Cross-checking information on the medicine and record points depending on the observations specific to the patient files.

    Those of you wanting to become pharmacists can thus have a college level of education from a community college. Most universities also have courses in which, at the end of your study, you are assured of job placement. Most universities also have online classes.

    Pharmacist Jobs Salary in Dubai, UAE

    In UAE, pharmacists working in Dubai Earn a lot compared to most countries where the pharmacy professionals receive a flat fee per prescription. here, they are waged They Earn between $ 56,000 – 120,000 annually depending on their location, prestigious education, and experience. More than ten years of experience earn more than recently graduated.

    It says that, on average the pharmacist’s pay is nearly $65,000 per annum, and the technical pharmacy is about $43,000 a year. There are way over fifteen hundred pharmacies in Dubai, and it shows a more amicable approach to high school and a bachelor’s career. The pharmacist has traditionally had to take four years and generate a written license to study. Pharmacy technicalities do not require as much schooling and generally are from as little as an associate degree, sometimes less. Many in the pharmacy career also take upon the job of conducting clinical trials to investigate new drugs or cures.

    Pharmacy License in Dubai

    To secure pharmacist jobs in Dubai, aspiring pharmacists need a license from the Dubai Health Authority to practice in the UAE. This authority grants licenses for dispensing controlled substances under a doctor’s guidance. Graduates can apply for hospital or clinic jobs after passing a national registration exam.

    Pharmacists hold high societal regard, trusted for accurate pharmaceutical advice and issuing necessary prescriptions. They manage and maintain patients’ medication histories, helping prevent adverse drug reactions.

    Pharmacist Job Vacancies in Dubai

    A pharmacist is a healthcare practitioner who specializes in special arrangements in a pharmacy setting. Their activities can alter due to the nature of the pharmacy worked in. Sometimes, pharmacists often take the deliverance of the prescription under the doctor’s direction for granted. Holding such a position requires one to know about drugs and their effects. They must be well acquainted with delivering the medication and dose from the prescriptions safely.


    Job Requirements:
     Preferably with MOH Licence.
     Must have experience in invoicing and purchase entry.

    Send CV Email: [email protected]
    Job Posted on: 11th June 2024


    Company: Al Saha & Al Jamal Pharmacy
    Location: Sharjah
    Job Type: Full time
    Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy or related field.
    Experience: experience in a pharmacy setting.
    License: Valid pharmacy license MOH or DHA.

    Interview Date & Location
    Date: 14th June 2024

    Time: noon (sharp)
    Location: Vitality Drug Store LLC, 4, Warehouse No.9,
    Industrial Area 4, Sharjah. (Behind Al Wahda Lulu Hypermarket)


    Employer’s Name: Zulekha Hospital
    Job Type:
     Full Time
    Job Location: Dubai & Sharjah
    Qualification: DOH license
    License: MOH/DHA/DOH license /eligibility letter

    Email Cv to: [email protected]
    Job Posted On: 19th May 2024


    Employer’s Name: DROPS PHARMACY
    Job Type:
     Full Time
    Job Location: Abu Dhabi
    Qualification: DOH license/Evaluation letter
    License: MOH/DHA/DOH license /eligibility letter


    • At least 2 years experience as Store Manager in UAE.
    • Available in UAE.
    • Arabic and English is a must.
    • Preferably can join immediately.

    Email Cv to: [email protected]
    Job Posted On: 19th May 2024

    Pharmacist Duties:

    • Prescription Filling: They correctly dispense prescribed medicines to patients as directed by physicians.
    • Patient Education: They explain possible medication side effects and precautions that might be taken. They also teach medication administration to get the best results and to remain safe.
    • Keeping Records: Pharmacists record orders by way of prescription legally and with sufficient detail.
    • Patient Counseling: They form the major part in helping patients understand the prescription dosing and intervals and drug interaction lifestyle advice given by the doctor.
    • Medication Therapy Management Specially: this team of pharmacists works together to manage a patient’s total medication program. Accordingly, they can decrease PAN-particular risk of potentially harmful pharmaceutical interactions with their optimal care.
    • Research and Innovation The window to research and study new drugs, therapies, or treatments is open. They’ll be able to share their evidence by publications, which will add to their knowledge of the field of pharmaceuticals.
    • Pharmacists form a branch of healthcare, and they join the physician and the patient as the ingestion of medicine is going to be made safe and backed up by them medically.

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    Pharmacist Job Requirements:

    • Licensing Requirement: must be licensed to practice pharmacy in the state of residency or employment.
    • Certification Curriculum: Among the requisites set by the National Board of Pharmacists Examiners for the State Board, the former insists on completing a certification curriculum.
    • By the definition of this exact Board, a requisite by the National Board of Pharmacy Examiners for certification curriculum is “not strictly limited to educational coursework but may include background screens and passage of specific examinations.”.
    • Educational Background: The incumbent shall be a graduate of an accredited program in pharmacy and be presently licensed to practice by the appropriate governmental regulatory body.
    • Medical knowledge With the trained pharmacist on sight, some of the signs and symptoms of various medical conditions can easily be identified helps in giving valuable insight in terms of suitable tests and procedures in case of a particular illness.
    • Consultation: Pharmacists are appropriately informed about the discussions between physicians and patients concerning appropriate treatments and diagnostic tests for different medical disorders.
    • Minor Illness and Injury Management: They are aware of identifying and managing minor illnesses and injuries and provide advice on over-the-counter drugs and treatments.
    • DIY Solutions: In minor problems, pharmacists can give do-it-yourself solutions and advice for general well-being to the general public.

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