Pharmacist Jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah UAE (March 2023)

The majority of pharmacist jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the rest of the UAE are entry-level positions where students assist pharmacists at retail pharmacies. Students receive instruction on how to deliver prescriptions to patients as well as the correct handling and storage of medications. Following graduation, they could rise to more senior jobs where they oversee a pharmacy’s inventory and daily operations.

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Job PositionPharmacist
Job LocationDubai, Abu Dhabi , Sharjah & UAE
NationalityAny Nationality
EducationEquivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
Experience1-2 Years
Language SkillsEnglish (basic)
SalarySpecified below
BenefitsAs Per UAE Labor Law
Last Updated on27th March 2023

Pharmacist Job Details

Pharmacists are healthcare specialists with a focus on illness diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Pharmacists undergo further education in pharmacy practise and pharmaceutical sciences in addition to their medical background. Making sure that drugs are used safely and effectively is a pharmacist’s main concern.

You will contribute to ensuring the quality of pharmaceuticals as a pharmacy technician. You’ll maintain track of the expiration dates and make sure that safety requirements for medications are followed. Additionally, you’ll double-check medication information and document the findings in patient files.

Consider pursuing a degree at a community college if you want to work in pharmacy. Many universities provide courses that, once completed, immediately lead to job prospects. Many universities also offer online courses.

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Pharmacists Jobs in UAE

Pharmacists’ duties include advising patients on medical matters and ensuring the safe and effective use of medications. These experts assess the patient’s medical history and offer advice on the appropriate drug therapy, dosage, and administration. They dispense medications, inform patients about their prescriptions, and keep track of how treatments are going. To identify ailments and provide treatments, they may also do physical exams and laboratory tests.

Make careful to properly investigate the firm before sending out resumes while looking for jobs. Find out about its operating philosophy, market developments, and long-term goals. To discover whether any job openings have been listed, visit the websites of your competitors.

Pharmacist Salary in Dubai, UAE

The typical pharmacist income in the United Arab Emirates ranges from $56,000 to $120,000 annually, according to data from PayScale’s compensation survey. But bear in mind that wages differ based on geography, education, and experience. Paychecks for pharmacists with at least ten years of experience are much greater than those of recent graduates.

The typical annual pay for pharmacists is $65,000. An average pharmacy technician makes $43,000 a year. In Dubai right now, there are more than 1,500 pharmacies open for business. While many companies prefer candidates with a high school diploma or GED, most pharmacies demand a bachelor’s degree.

A four-year undergraduate degree is required to become a registered pharmacist. For some occupations in pharmacy, such as pharmacy technician, an associate’s degree is required. Clinical trials for novel cures and treatments are frequently conducted by pharmacists.

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Pharmacy License in Dubai

Aspiring pharmacists must first receive a licence from the Dubai Health Authority in order to practise pharmacy in the United Arab Emirates. Under the direction of a doctor, this authority issues licences to those who wish to dispense prohibited substances. Graduates can apply for jobs in hospitals or clinics after completing a national registration exam.

Pharmacists enjoy a high level of societal respect. People have faith in them to offer accurate pharmaceutical information and to only issue necessary prescriptions. The responsibility for maintaining a patient’s medication history rests with the pharmacist. These records can aid in preventing negative drug reactions.

Pharmacist Duties

The duties of a pharmacist frequently involve filling prescriptions, informing patients of adverse effects and cautions, advising them on how to take their medications properly, and keeping accurate records of prescription orders. Other responsibilities include ensuring that patients comprehend their prescriptions and follow their doctor’s recommendations. Additionally, pharmacists have the freedom to study new drugs and therapies and publish their findings.

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Pharmacist Requirements

Applicants must be in possession of a valid licence to practise pharmacy in the state in which they intend to work. The National Board of Pharmacy Examiners offers a certification curriculum that pharmacists must finish as well as a background investigation and pass. Candidates must complete a recognised pharmacy programme and be licenced by the relevant government body.

Pharmacists are taught to identify the signs and symptoms of various ailments. Regarding the tests and procedures that can be suitable for specific illnesses, they can advise physicians and patients. Pharmacists are specialists in recognising and managing minor illnesses and injuries. They can also suggest DIY solutions for little issues.

Pharmacist Job Vacancies in Dubai

A healthcare practitioner who works in a pharmacy setting is called a pharmacist. Depending on the type of pharmacy they work at, their responsibilities may change. Sometimes, pharmacists are also responsible for delivering prescriptions under the direction of a doctor. The position of a pharmacist needs knowledge of medications and their effects. They must comprehend how to safely deliver medication and use prescriptions.

1Suhail Enterprises Vacancies

Education: D Pharm / B Pharm /M Pharm / Pharm D From Reputed University
License: DHA License / Eligibility Letter Holder
Skills: Excellent Communication & Interpersonal Skills

Available Vacancies:

  • DHA Pharmacist
  • Trainee Pharmacist
  • Waiter
  • Chef
  • Housekeeping
  • Kitchen Helper
  • Female Arabic Receptionist
  • Female Indian Nurse

Email Resume: [email protected]
Job Posted On: 13th February 2023

2Canadian Specialist Hospital Job Vacancies

Job Posted On: 13th February 2023

3Medx Pharmacy Vacancies

Company Name: Medx Pharmacy
1) Pharmacist (DHA License with 2 years of Minimum UAE Experience)
2) Assistant Pharmacist (DHA License Holder)
3) Trainee Pharmacist (B Pharm/D Pharm/M Pharm/ Pharm D)
4) Nutrition Consultant (UAE Experienced)
5) Sales Promoter (UAE Experienced)
Location : UAE
Education: Degree/Diploma or (Equivalent)
Experience: With minimum 2 years of experience in the same role
Language Skills: Fluency in English
Candidate’s Availability: Inside UAE
Email CV#: [email protected]
Job Posted On: 13th February 2023

4Pharmacist – Life Pharmacy

Company Name: Life Pharmacy
License: With DOH License/Evaluation letter
Education: B Pharm / M Pharm / Pharm D

Interview Details:-
Date : 14th February 2023

Time : 10 AM – 2 PM
Location: LIFE Pharmacy, Shop# 2, Building P52, Near Emirates, Discount Market, Al Danah Area, Abu Dhabi.

Pharmacist Requirements

To qualify for a job as a pharmacist, applicants must hold a current license to practice pharmacy in the state where they reside. Pharmacists must also pass a background check and complete a certification program offered by the National Board of Pharmacy Examiners. Candidates must graduate from an accredited school of pharmacy and receive licensure from the appropriate government agency.

Pharmacist Jobs Description

1. Dispensing Technician

A dispensing technician dispenses medications under the supervision of a pharmacist. A typical day would involve verifying prescriptions, checking expiration dates, preparing medications, labeling and packaging them, arranging for shipping, and checking inventory levels.

2. Pharmacy Technologist

A pharmacy technologist works closely with pharmacists to ensure the proper operation of pharmacies. Their responsibilities may include assisting pharmacists with drug-related problems, providing technical assistance to pharmacists and technicians, educating patients about safe use of prescription drugs, maintaining records related to patient care, and monitoring quality control procedures.

3. Medical Assistant

Medical assistants assist physicians and dentists in their offices by performing administrative tasks, scheduling appointments, taking medical histories, giving instructions, and helping doctors perform examinations and surgeries.

4. Pharmacy Internship

An internship is a paid position during which students gain hands-on experience in a pharmacy setting. Students learn about pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and how to prepare and label medications. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy, consider starting an internship while still attending college. You’ll get valuable experience that will set you apart from other applicants.

5. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Sales representatives sell pharmaceutical products to healthcare providers and consumers. They present information about various medications and answer questions about their uses, side effects, and prices.