Secondary Teacher

    Freshwater Christian College

    Job Summary

    A Secondary Teacher is a member of the Secondary staff and works with the Head of Secondary in respect of maintaining a conducive and quality learning environment, assessment, evaluation, reporting, interpersonal relationships, child safety, welfare and discipline. The teacher is accountable to the Head of Secondary in all areas of teaching and curriculum development.

    Key Responsibilities


    • Develop a professional and caring relationship with students and College community;
    • Develop a positive and effective teaching and learning environment;
    • Present subject matter using a range of teaching techniques and materials;
    • Prepares, administers and marks tests, projects and assignments to evaluate students’ progress, and records the results;
    • Discusses individual progress and problems with students and parents and seeks advice from student counsellors or senior teachers;
    • Maintains discipline in classrooms and other school areas;
    • Participates in staff meetings, educational conferences, workshops and other professional development and undertakes personal professional development;
    • Complies with all College policies and procedures;
    • In partnership with other staff, participate in curriculum development with a Christ-centred focus and of the highest quality;
    • Complies with Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) policies and procedures, with a working knowledge of Australian Curriculum;
    • Liaises with parent, community and business groups; maintains class and scholastic records; coordinates teaching in a particular subject area(s);
    • Take ownership for holistic pastoral support for students: attending to educational, emotional, behavioural, social and spiritual needs within the class group, consulting with the Director of Pastoral Care for necessary support.
    • Perform extra duties as allocated annually. These may include, for example, yard duty, bus duty, sports days, camps, excursions, mentoring of new staff, College Fair, Parent-Teacher Interviews, attending Open Days, Welcome Evenings, Awards Evenings and other activities as required by the Board and Executive Management Team;
    • Organise extra-curricular activities, such as learning programs, missions, lunchtime activities, parent volunteers and other activities in consultation with the Executive Management Team;
    • Perform teaching duties as required by the Head of Department or Principal;


    • Be familiar with the Staff Handbook and comply with its contents;
    • Implement and comply with the College’s policies and procedures;
    • Contact the Head of Department prior to 6.30am should they not be able to perform teaching duties that day;
    • Provide formal written reports at the end of Semester 1 and 2, verbal reports of student progress at the end of Term 1 and 3;
    • Provide timely formative and summative appraisals of student’s progress for their own benefit in learning and for parents, College management and potential employers and providers of further education;
    • Attend and contribute or present when required to at staff meetings, team meetings, devotions, teaching staff meetings, and parent-teacher interviews;
    • Seek approval from the Principal 48 hours prior, should you need to be absent from any of the above. ensure that accurate lesson attendance is kept – marking within set timeframes;
    • Clarify purpose of assessment and ensure that accurate records of formal or diagnostic student assessment are kept;
    • Ensure that a duty of care is exercised at all times, through active supervision of students;
    • Contribute to the work of College learning teams charged with areas of supervision and development of the College, where appropriate;
    • Contribute to the selection of appropriate educational resources for the use of students and staff, in consultation with
    • Coordinators, with reference to the College’s vision and strategic plan;
    • Seek approval from the Principal, should you require to be away from the premises for extended period of time – under normal circumstances staff are to undertake their preparation release time on premises. exercise Christian standards of stewardship in the management and care of physical resources under their disposal;
    • Raise Child Protection concerns as per College Child Protection Policy and Procedure;
    • Contribute to the health and safety of students;
    • Contribute to the overall teamwork and support of the staff;
    • Participate in workplace safety procedures; 36. Attend meetings and professional development as required;
    • Perform duties in a manner which is without an unacceptable level of risk to their own health and safety, other employees, students or the College community in general, making risk prevention a priority;
    • To the best of the employee’s experience and knowledge, provide risk management information, as requested by your supervisor;
    • Report any illness, injury, hazard, near miss or incidents and losses as soon as they are detected using the College’s WHS reporting system;
    • Maintain knowledge of the school’s emergency procedures and follow when required;
    • Assist other members of the Secondary team when required;
    • Any other duties as designated by the Principal.

    Selection Criteria:


    • Relevant teaching qualifications;
    • Current Teacher Registration with Queensland College of Teachers;
    • Be able to sign and abide by the College’s Statement of Faith and Lifestyle Statement;
    • Be able to abide by the Staff Code of Conduct at all times;
    • Have an attitude of a servant leader;
    • Ability to work with all members of the College community (teaching and non-teaching staff, parents, students and visitors) both individually and as a member of a team;
    • Ability to demonstrate a Christian worldview,
    • A willingness to assist in extra-curriculum activities after normal working hours; (eg; Open night, Fair etc).

    Highly Regarded:

    Permanent, Full Time or Permanent Part Time or Casual – depending on operational needs of the College.

    Probationary Period:
    Six months from start date of employment.

    Salary and Conditions:
    As per the Educational Services (Teachers) Award 2010, based on qualifications and previous experience.

    All members of staff at Freshwater Christian College are expected to:

    • Convey to the public a positive image of the Freshwater Christian College and Freshwater Church;
    • Demonstrate an awareness of and commitment to the College’s mission, vision and values;
    • Maintain confidentiality in all matters related to the College, its staff, students, parents and others at all times;
    • Contribute to a pleasant and enjoyable work environment;
    • Abide by the Staff Lifestyle Agreement, Statement of Faith, Code of Conduct and all other College Policies at all times;
    • Remain up to date with any changes to the Staff Handbook and any other College Policies;
    • Not have contact via social media with any enrolled student or past student (including graduates) for a minimum of 12 months after the student has graduated from any school (recommended two years) (excluding immediate family members);
    • Maintain an understanding of the Workplace Health and Safety Standards of the College;
    • Participate in staff training and development activities to assist in the achievement of organisational and individual/work goals;
    • Carry out other duties from time to time as required.


    The purpose of thijob description is to serve as a general summary and overview of the major duties and responsibilities of the position. It is not intended to represent the entirety of the position nor is it intended to be all-inclusive. Therefore, the position may be required or requested to perform for Freshwater Christian College other work duties not specifically listed herein. Freshwater Christian College reserves the right to modify this job description in consultation with the incumbent from time to time depending on the operational needs and requirements of the College.

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