Security Agent

    Security Agent

    Job Summary

    To carry out general and aviation security duties related to surveillance, guarding, escort and screening for Emirates Group in order to protect staff, property and the business against acts of unlawful interference.


    • Perform aviation security functions including guarding, access control, search, inspection, surveillance screening and escort of aircraft, cargo, catering products of both airside and landside facilities e.g.cargo warehouse, engineering hangars etc.
    • Record and report any suspicious activities (security breaches etc.) to the line to ensure that appropriate action can be taken where required.
    • Guide the security staff from the security service provider (Transguard Patrol) in the execution of day-to-day general and aviation security functions specific to the area(s) of deployment.
    • In cases of emergency, function as a fire warden.Participate in Quality Control Circle activities e.g. projects to enhance processes, improve productivity etc.

    Cargo and Aircraft Protection Unit (CAPU)

    • Function as the first line of defence for the protection of the transportation of product against acts of unlawful interference e.g. dangerous goods.
    • Protect cargo in relation to vulnerable cargo, valuable cargo, arms and ammunition.
    • Protect the aircraft by undertaking aircraft search, guarding inspection and access control activities.
    • Undertake passenger protection activities including liquids and gels (LAGs) security checks,secondary boarding gate passenger checks and baggage checks.
    • Protect/guard lost items (e.g. baggage) and coordinate the process of restoring these items to the rightful owner.

    Flight Catering

    • Perform x-ray screening functions including the search of carts as well as the access control of people,belongings and vehicles.
    • Ensure the integrity of carts and vehicles inspected by applying the approved sealing regime.

    Facilities & Accommodation

    • Monitor authorised visitors, arrivals and departures and maintain records (e.g. log books) on a daily basis.
    • Respond to fire alarms and implement emergency procedures where necessary.
    • Provide access and supervise the landlords’ maintenance staff when carrying out maintenance work


    • Inspect Transguard vehicles prior to carrying any valuables to ensure that all components are in working order so as to prevent any breakdowns, ensure that the vehicles conform to the safety and VIT regulations.
    • Guard all consignments ensuring that all standard operating procedures are followed.
    • Ensure compliance to all airside and landside driving rules and regulations.
    • Maintain an accurate log of movements and consignment details in order to ensure compliance with Insurance and VIT procedures.
    • Ensure that the relevant details in regards to log In & Out of Valuables to/from the Vault and documents are kept up to date.
    • Security.Security: 1 Year
    • 10 Years schooling or equivalent
    • Knowledge of airline handling procedures and implementation of security measures (e.g. access control, security search etc.) would be advantageous.
    • Safety Sensitive Role: Yes
    • Hazards Working at height Exposure to hazardous energy systems Yes
    • Work in confined spaces
    • Contact with human waste Contact with other hazardous materials
    • Heavy lifting Work in a noisy environment
    • Hours of work Day/night ( shift roster) Yes / 12 hour working day Yes

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