Store Manager – Retail Sales


    Brief Description

    Accountable to receive & review customer applications and requirements in the assigned store asper approved roster/schedule. Ensures that all required information and documents are available and processes the application promptly and efficiently. Develops strong bond with customers, to generate demand and in order to enhance revenue. Responsible to achieve set KPIs within the Sales Stimulation Program (SSP) as well as high level of customer satisfaction while interfacing with the customer. Identifies and realizes pro-actively up-selling and cross-selling opportunities

    Detail Description

    1. Accepts bill payments (cash or cheques) from the customer and issues receipts.
    2. Adheres to duty roster/sales schedules at all times.
    3. Checks customer’s equipment, line plant and exchange equipment availability, as required.
    4. Contributes to the team spirit with respect to a “sales oriented” and “customer service oriented” culture, commitment and sense of belonging among the team.
    5. Educates the customer on the service, facilities and equipment available, explores opportunities for generating demand and selling vertically.
    6. Establishes bond and relationship with the customer through cordial, respectful and professional interaction. Ensures that the customers are satisfied in all cases.
    7. Follows up with Customer Service Team on customer complaints
    8. Gains maximum knowledge on the customer through engaging in dialogues and builds customer profiles.
    9. Gives constructive feedback and suggestions for improvements, as required.
    10. Identifies the customer’s segment, its service level, its type and number of services and equipment as well as its credit worthiness.
    11. Maintains proper documentation, records on all pending services and advises concerned team for follow up and feedback.
    12. Performs any other related duties, as required.
    13. Processes all assigned telecom services in accordance with approved Company procedures and practices.
    14. Promises future support for the customer to create customer loyalty and retention and attends all queries of the customer.
    15. Provides the customer with time deliverables i.e. appointment time, equipment, receipt and allocated number whenever possible.
    16. Receives personal as well as team sales targets from the immediate supervisor and ensures meeting them.
    17. Reviews the application and customer requirement, ascertains the correctness of the data and compliance with necessary formalities and understands the customer needs.
    18. Strives to fulfill set KPIs within the Sales Incentive Program.
    19. Takes ownership of the customer’s needs and requirements and ensures that they are satisfied. Identifies and realizes pro-actively up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.
    20. Understands fully the customer network and services to identify potential sales opportunities.

    Job Requirements

    Bachelor Degree in Sales/Marketing/Business Administration with 4-5 years of experience in related field, preferably in a large telecom company.

    1. Team leading
    2. Industry awareness and business acumen
    3. Customer service orientation
    4. Drive for results
    5. Organization awareness
    6. Ability to prepare and present business case
    7. Knowledge of Sales and Marketing concepts
    8. Networking and relationship building.
    9. Products/services knowledge
    10. Project Management.
    11. Ability to analyze / interpret Data.
    12. Sales Force Management
    13. Customer Management/retention skills
    14. Team development.

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