Fakeeh University Hospital Careers & Salaries 2022

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Fakeeh University Hospital (FUH) is a subsidiary that is a stake of Fakeeh healthcare group within the UAE. FUH is dedicated to providing the highest quality of health care and services available to the UAE and the surrounding region, providing the top quality of healthcare, services, and infrastructure for family members of patients within the UAE. As an institution, Fakeeh Hospital wants to assist those requiring medical expertise and care. As a business, Fakeeh Hospital will serve those who care for those Fakeeh hospitals treat as patients and their family members!

Fakeeh University Hospital Dubai Careers

Fakeeh University Hospital Dubai is looking for trained and talented candidates for their hospital in Dubai. Fakeeh Care is a highly established healthcare delivery institution that provides an intermediate and tertiary level of care to patients from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, and the region with over 42 years of healthcare record.

About Fakeeh University Hospital Dubai

The group comprises health and services facilities that provide high-quality care that is compassionate and person-centered care. Fakeeh Care’s compassionate health journey began in 1978 when Dr. Soliman Fakeeh founded the Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital. The number of hospitals grew exponentially, and the goal was to establish a collection of healthcare institutions that could offer high-end healthcare services that meet international standards for quality.

The services offered by Fakeeh Care start from people’s health and extend to a degree of curing serious illnesses and fighting infectious diseases by finding diseases and exposing them to the world at large, offering education to the most qualified medical personnel to raise the quality of medical care. As a hospital, Fakeeh University Hospital wants to assist those requiring medical expertise and attention. Fakeeh University Hospital aims to assist our patients and their families as a business.

Fakeeh University Hospital Salary

The average salary for Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital employees in United Arab Emirates is AED 37668 per year

How do I apply for Fakeeh University Hospital Jobs?

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Fakeeh University Hospital Vacancies

PhysiotherapistDubaiView & Apply
Registered Nurse NICU ServicesDubaiView & Apply
Radiography TechnologistDubaiView & Apply
Registered Nurses Operating ServicesDubaiView & Apply
Registered Nurses Cath Lab ServicesDubaiView & Apply
Patient Experience (Chinese Speaking)DubaiView & Apply
How much does Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital pay?

The average salary for Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital employees in United Arab Emirates is AED 37668 per year