Al Ghurair Facilities Management Careers: New Job Openings

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    Seeking thrilling profession prospects could in the abound facilities management industry in UAE? Then Al Ghurair Facilities Management (AGFM) is the place for you! Known for its predominant role in the sector, AGFM has numerous career opportunities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other major cities in the UAE. This article will act as a guide to why AGFM would make an ideal career choice and how you may become part of their active team.

    Why Choose Al Ghurair Facilities Management?

    The Al Ghurair Investment Group is the parent company of the Al Ghurair Facilities Management. The latter has earned a proud place in the former, and simultaneously, it is an established company in UAE’s premier facility management sector. It is due to solid roots that it can sustain its position in Dubai while carrying out operations throughout the country as well. AGFM is actively involved in the development of a wide range of real estate areas, from residences to commercial buildings.

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    Key reasons to consider a career with AGFM:

    1. Industry leader: Join one of the top facilities management companies in the UAE
    2. Career growth: Benefit from ample opportunities for professional development
    3. Diverse projects: Work on exciting projects across different sectors
    4. Competitive compensation: Enjoy attractive salaries and benefits packages
    5. Work-life balance: Experience a supportive work environment

    Current Job Openings at Al Ghurair Facilities Management

    AGFM regularly posts job vacancies for various positions. Some of the most sought-after roles include:

    • Chiller Technician (1 no.)

    Experience: Preferred candidates with 5 years of above experience

    • Plumber (1 no.)

    Experience: Preferred candidates with 5 years of above experience

    • Multi-Technicians (2 nos.)

    Experience: Preferred candidates with minimum 3-5 years of experience

    • HVAC Technicians (1 no.)

    Experience: Preferred candidates with minimum 3-5 years of experience

    • BMS Assistant Technicians – Operator (2 nos.)

    Experience: Preferred candidates with minimum 3-5 years of experience

    • MEP Technician (2 nos.)

    Experience: Preferred candidates with minimum 3-5 years of experience

    • Civil Technician (1 no.)

    Experience: Preferred candidates with minimum 3-5 years of experience in carpentry cum mason

    How to Apply for Al Ghurair Facilities Management Jobs

    Ready to take the next step in your career? Here’s how to apply for jobs at AGFM:

    1. Visit the official AGFM careers page or job portals like Indeed, Bayt, or GulfTalent
    2. Search for relevant positions in your preferred UAE city (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, etc.)
    3. Review the job description and requirements carefully
    4. Prepare your CV and cover letter, tailoring them to the specific role
    5. Submit your application through the provided channel
    6. Follow up on your application status after a reasonable time

    Contact Details: 054-3066511

    Email: [email protected]

    Tips for Landing a Job at Al Ghurair Facilities Management

    To increase your chances of success, consider these tips:

    1. Highlight relevant experience in facilities management or related fields
    2. Showcase any certifications or training in FM, HVAC, electrical systems, etc.
    3. Emphasize your knowledge of UAE building codes and regulations
    4. Demonstrate strong communication skills, especially if you’re applying for customer-facing roles
    5. Show willingness to work in a multicultural environment

    Career Growth and Development at AGFM

    Al Ghurair Facilities Management is committed to nurturing talent and providing growth opportunities for its employees. When you join AGFM, you can expect:

    1. On-the-job training and skill development programs
    2. Opportunities for career advancement within the company
    3. Exposure to diverse projects and clients
    4. Mentorship from experienced professionals in the field

    Living and Working in the UAE

    Joining Al Ghurair Facilities Management not only offers career growth but also the chance to experience life in the vibrant UAE. Whether you’re based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or other emirates, you’ll enjoy:

    1. Tax-free income
    2. Modern infrastructure and amenities
    3. Multicultural environment
    4. High standard of living
    5. Proximity to popular tourist destinations


    Professionals in search of a fulfilling career in UAE’s facilities management industry will find Al Ghurair Facilities Management as an excellent opportunity. Both experienced professionals and fresh graduates would consider that AGFM is the most suitable because it has a strong market presence coupled with various other projects which are distributed among different sectors and hence calls for employee development as part of its policy.

    Important Note: Kindly note that the mentioned years of experience are a must. If you’re interested and ready to make an impact and be part of a dynamic team, apply now via our email address.