Job Description:

    Organise, monitor and control warehouse & logistics tasks in a safe, efficient and effective manner in line with Emirates requirements and airworthiness standards to support both aircraft maintenance and fleet operations at Dubai and outstations.


    Job Responsibilities:

    • Monitor, control and initiate steps to ensure sufficient availability of resources to facilitate warehouse and logistics tasks, while staying within the defined staff overtime limits.
    • Conduct detailed data analysis to ensure process improvement and to identify discrepancies / anomalies in tools and materials system data.
    • Communicate with stakeholder departments in relation to execution / completion of specific job accountabilities as per agreed standards.
    • Review daily/weekly/monthly reports to monitor/control functional activities as well as resource utilization.
    • Contribute to preparation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and process control documents e.g. Warehouse Operating Instructions, etc.
    • Contribute to implementation and continuous improvement of warehouse processes and optimum utilization of various IT system frameworks to ensure increased warehouse & logistics efficiencies.
    • Conduct and administer staff training and development plan in line with agreed standards pertaining to job accountabilities.
    • Co-ordinate the execution of receipt processing against external orders in an error free manner in accordance with defined procedures.
    • Co-ordinate execution of reverse logistics in an accurate manner in accordance with defined procedures.
    • Administer the quarantine activity and ensure discrepancy processing within minimum possible time thereby ensuring maximum availability of tools and materials for EK usage.
    • Co-ordinate the stocking activities to allow dynamic flow of stocking tasks and traceability of materials in the warehouse in accordance with agreed stocking service level agreement.
    • Co-ordinate and administer disposal and storage of scrap materials in accordance with agreed procedure.
    • Co-ordinate picking and issue activities to ensure successful satisfaction of customer requests within the issue service level agreement.
    • Continuously monitor reasons for stock discrepancies and initiate steps to minimize issue specific causes (including training / debriefing of staff).
      Initiate and maintain prompt and consistent communication with stakeholder departments with accurate material availability / status information to ensure aircraft maintenance as per plan.
    • Co-ordinate and monitor timely availability and efficient handling of AOG tools & material by all stakeholders to maintain aircraft despatch reliability.
    • In that, ensure error free and accurate preparation of necessary documentation (including Emergency Material Despatch Request ?EMDR, MDR and Sale documents).
    • Co-ordinate uplifting of tools & materials to protect flights, outstation urgent transfers, AOG/Critical shipment and stretcher cases as per agreed timescales.
    • Respond to tools & materials availability queries by Other Airlines (OAL), as per agreed standards.
    • Monitor and stagger calibration / proof load test and servicing of life limited tools and equipment so as to ensure that tooling support to maintenance is not compromised.
    • Monitor and review Average Monthly Usage (AMU) of tools & Equipment and prepare recommendations for procurement initiation.
    • Advise physical availability of tools to EK AOG to answer queries of Other Airlines (OAL).
    • Co-ordinate and arrange delivery activities to facilitate timely availability of aircraft material at customers? agreed delivery locations.
    • Review serviceability and maintenance record of Vehicles and MHE fleet and prepare recommendations to improve on daily resource availability.
    • Continuously review resource allocations to dynamically mobilize resources to meet changing business needs.
    • Ensure error free and timely processing of all outbound shipments as agreed procedures and Dangerous Goods (DG) regulations.
    • Review and process approval of quotes received from Logistics service providers.
    • Identify areas of improvement in Logistics chain and prepare recommendations for continued improvement.
    • Co-ordinate and monitor warehouse processes and initiate steps & follow ups to ensure efficient storage and flow of materials with optimum utilization of warehouse space.
    • Continuously monitor reasons for stock discrepancies and initiate steps to minimize specific causes (including training / debriefing of staff).
    • Co-ordinate customer support functions to maximize support to stakeholder departments.
    • Co-ordinate and Maintain control of all Fly Away Kit (FAK) related activities.
    • Outstation Spare Support Team – Initiate / organize ad-hoc wheel, tow bar and materials FAK for Outstation operational support.
    • Monitor Movement Advise (MOVEAD) messages from outstations and organize / monitor complete action as per agreed outstations procedures including organization of clearance of outstations materials handling invoices from Technical Handling Agents (THAs) and from clearing & forwarding companies.
    • Prepare, recommend and finalize outstation stock taking plan.

    Qualification & Experience:

    • 12 years schooling (A level) or equivalent with 5 years’ experience
    • National Diploma (12 + 1) with 4 years’ experience
    • HND Higher National Diploma (12 + 2) with 3 years’ experience
    • Graduate (12+3) with 2 years’ experience.
    • Degree in Business Administration, Supply Chain Management or Logistics is preferred.
    • Warehouse and logistics experience in a large Aviation/MRO environment is required, in addition to a minimum of 2 years coordinating and supervising teams to support the daily operation.

    Job Details:

    Company: Emirates

    Vacancy Type: Full Time

    Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Application Deadline: N/A


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