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    SalesSales Co-ordinator Jobs 2019

    SalesSales Co-ordinator

    Immediate hiring for the position of Female Sales Coordinator in 2019 Job Vacancies. Apply now for Female Sales Co-ordinator Vacancy. Age for Sales co ordinator job is between 25-30 years. Apply Now for Female Sales Co-ordinator Job In Dubai.

    Job Position – Sales Coordinator
    Job type – Full time
    Place – UAE, Dubai
    Nationality – Any
    Posted Date – 14, January, 2019
    Salary – Not specified
    Education level – Higher secondary or equivalent

    SalesSales Co-ordinator Jobs In Dubai

    • A Sales Coordinator primarily assists the sales team, focusing mostly on managing schedules and the distribution of any sales documentation.
    • A Sales Coordinator prepares and then follows up on any sales quotations made for clients, negotiating terms with the client at a cost best suited for them.
    • You must be able to efficiently respond to any online or telephone queries in a calm and friendly manner.
    • The Sales Coordinator must liaise between other departments and the client to provide the service most suitable to the client’s needs, cost and time restraints.
    • You must also be able to work closely with the Sales team to assess the progress of the department and develop Sales strategy accordingly.
    •  The Sales Coordinator may also be required to produce reports on progress within the department and outline any developed strategies to improve.
    • A Sales Coordinator may be responsible for overseeing any supercharges and evaluating any alterations to both external and internal staff.

    Key skills and qualifications of a Sales Coordinator Job:

    • You must be educated to degree level and may also be required to hold any qualifications relating to Sales or Marketing.
    • You must be fluent in English to a very high standard and possess strong communication skills, as liaison with clients and colleagues is a large focus within the job.
    • As a Sales Coordinator with the Domestic Removals Industry, you may be required to have had previous experience in this industry and preferably experience in telecommunications sales.
    • A Sales Coordinator must be organised and possess a high level of administration ability to effectively manage paperwork.
    • Due to the volume of communication that will be required with the client, the Sales Coordinator must possess excellent customer service skills.
    • You must be proficient in Microsoft Office and any other software related to the Sales or Domestic Removals industries.

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