Position Purpose :

    Position Purpose

    Principal Accountabilities – A :


    Demonstrates and reinforces the leadership behaviours and basic people minimums (uniforms, crew schedules, rap sessions, etc.) necessary to gain commitment from crew and leadership.

    • Executes a plan, based on an employee commitment measurement, to increase employee’s loyalty, satisfaction and pride with the McDonald’s experience.
    • Knows, enforces, and educates crew on all appropriate personnel policies, labor laws, security and safety procedures.
    • Recruits, selects and retains an optimum number of crew and shift management who are enthusiastically dedicated to customer satisfaction.
    • Manages the development and training of crew and shift management employees, including crew initial and follow-up orientations.
    • Completes and presents performance appraisals based on defined goals and objectives for their employees in a timely manner.


    • Properly executes, enforces and manages all food safety and sanitation requirements and practices.
    • Ensures all security procedures are executed (cash deposits, staggered method of open/close etc.)


    • Controls assigned P&L Line items.
    • Control food components, labour, waste, cash, and while managing shifts and/or areas.

    Principal Accountabilities – B :


    • Ensures that wage and hour policies and procedures are followed. (Leaves of absence, regulations regarding the minor employment, breaks, etc.)
    • Uses proper security and verification procedures when handling deposits and the contents of the safe.
    • Maintains records for safety and appropriately documents contributions and performance in personnel file.
    • Completes assigned daily paperwork, weekly inventories and QCER reports.

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