CNS Manager At RAK Airport

    RAK Airport

    Job Position – CNS Manager
    Job type – Full time
    Job Location – Ras Al Khima
    Nationality – Any Nationality

    Job Description

    The position requires total responsibility and decision making for maintaining the ATC electronic systems in an operational status and standards stipulated by ICAO and GCAA.

    Project management and overseeing integration, interfacing, installation, implementation, commissioning and operational handovers of projects.

    Ensuring continuous updating of procedures, staff certification, staff currency checks, training,department administration, budget, reports, job cards, assets, licenses, ISO/IMS documents, safety and emergency issues.

    Liaise with GCAA about operational status, trends, procedures, upgrades and equipment grading.

    (Time management/priority between departments)

    Support the Engineering Department’s Health and Safety policies and procedures, and ensure all manuals are controlled and managed efficiently.


    Manage and develop the relevant Engineering sections and personnel to ensure its strategic development and continually strive to improve the performance of the department

    Review and update CNS exposition to incorporate any amendments relevant to the department

    Initiate and complete the CAAP 25 and CAAP 59 (if applicable) application process of GCAA for addition or enhancement of the CNS equipment

    Develop MOC (Management of Change) document for the changes associated with equipment, infrastructure or facility of CNS department

    Responsible for GCAA e‐services activities

    Review and authorize the department’s training and competency manual and training modules

    Incorporate the airport’s SMS in CNS policies and procedures

    Maintain the department SLA (Service Level Agreement) with ATS

    Review and maintain KPI (Key Performance Indicator) of the department

    Ensure CNS procedures manual is current and make amendments where necessary

    Perform audit correspondence for following audits

    • CNS
    • ATS
    • Aerodrome
    • Meteorological
    • And any third party

    Review and maintain SPI (Safety Performance Indicator) of the department

    Organize engineering meetings within the department and with external departments for liaison and performance evaluation

    Incorporate the airport’s QMS in CNS policies and procedures

    Attend GCAA workgroups related to CNS activities

    Raise CNS ROSI for equipment outage, malfunction or degradation

    Manage and oversee the projects of CNS department

    Coordinate with TRA for frequency regulations and frequency/radio licenses

    CNS e‐services to be reviewed and updated as and when required

    Review and provide feedback to GCAA for CNS related regulatory amendments (NPA)

    Responsible for issuing CNS ROSI List


    Knowledge, Skills and Competencies:
    Extensive knowledge in managing the departmental operations, including communication, navigation, surveillance and data processing
    UAE driver’s license is required.
    Excellent computer skills are required.

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