Serco Careers in Dubai 2024: Multiple Job Openings UAE

Serco careers in Dubai open the way for thousands of opportunities in the UAE. The company is among the leading providers of public services with operations in Dubai and has regularly numerous vacancies in spectrums such as transportation, health, and defense. This article articulates what creation of a career with Serco in Dubai should be made of—the available job opportunities, benefits, and application procedure. You will be sure to have expanded your career with Serco, whether you are a fresh graduate or experienced professional, in one of the most dynamic cities in the world.

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Company:Serco Group Plc
Country:United Arab Emirates
Job Location:Dubai
Job type:Full time
Education:Equivalent Degree / Diploma Holders
Salary:Discussed During Interview
Benefits:Excellent Benefits
Application type:Online
Last Updated on:May 18th, 2024
Serco Careers in Dubai 2024: Multiple Job Openings UAE

Overview of Serco

Serco Worldwide is the leader in global service delivery, a solid partner in the development of Dubai in various business sectors, with a reputation for achievement and critical services. Serco Dubai includes the management of public transportation systems, health care, and defense projects with full-fledged facility management, among other functions. This commitment to continued excellence and innovation has made Serco an important player supporting Dubai’s infrastructure and public service.

Why Choose Serco Careers in Dubai?

A decision to build a career with Serco in Dubai also means becoming part of an active and truly inclusive workforce that makes a difference. Serco is a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement. The company provides lots of opportunities for personal and career growth by allowing the employee to move and develop their knowledge through numerous training programs and initiatives.

Types of Job Roles at Serco Dubai

Serco offers a variety of job positions in Dubai, thereby catering to a variety of fields and professions. Among them are transportation, healthcare, defense, and facility management. Each of the roles comes with a special responsibility and requirement, thus offering a wide range to professionals from different fields with varying expertise.

Transportation Roles

The key projects in operation under Serco are the Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram. Careers would involve station managers, train drivers, maintenance engineers, and customer service agents. Most of the jobs in this sector require technical qualifications and experience of the applicant in the field of transportation.

Healthcare Roles

Serco has a healthcare business in Dubai, where it offers facilities operations and management in health care institutions. Career opportunities in this section include healthcare administrators, clinical teams, and support staff among others. Many of the job positions in this section are for clinical teams and thus naturally require various medical degrees and certifications.

Defense Roles

Serco offers essential assistance services to the security industry in Dubai. Project managers, technical support personnel, and logistics coordinators are a few of the job positions offered in this area. Such jobs might require special skills besides the experience in defense.

Facility Management Roles

The facility management in Serco comprises the services of building or infrastructure maintenance and management. There are vacancies for facilities managers, technicians for maintenance, and other cleaning persons. Potential candidates should have the right experience in facility management and the technical expertise regarding their roles.

Available Job Vacancies:

Assistant Technician – Water Network-Pump MechanicDubai, AE
Customer Experience Team LeaderDubai, AE
FM Consultant – Soft ServicesDubai, AE
Facility Management ConsultantDubai, AE
Asset Management DirectorDubai, AE
Technical WriterDubai, AE
Operations and Property ManagerDubai, AE
FM Consultant – Hard ServicesDubai, AE
Air Traffic Control Officer Dubai, AE
HVAC TechnicianDubai, AE

Application Process

To work for Serco in Dubai, one may visit its official career page and send a résumé. While posting a résumé, one must fill an online application. In most cases, it would seek personal education certificates, ID, and references. An interview will be done through screening, technical tests related to the job, and further on through various levels of interviews done with managers.


Subject: Please specify “Applying For Position” in the subject of the email.
Email[email protected]
Contact Number: +971 4 417 3000

Benefits of Working at Serco

Supported health packages extend to other benefits such as good salaries and competitive rates, besides performance bonuses, retirement plans, and wellness programs. The company also provides ongoing training programs and career progression programs for career development.

Tips for Landing a Job at Serco

  • Company Research: Familiarize yourself with the values and mission of Serco and the job specifications that you are applying for.
  • Personalize: Develop your resume and cover letter according to the needs, requirements, and key values of Serco.
  • Preparation for an Interview: Be prepared and expect the questions likely during an interview. Be ready to confidently bring out your skills and experiences.
  • Stay Informed: Monitor Serco’s career page for new job postings and apply on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the typical qualifications required for Serco careers in Dubai?

ANS: Qualifications vary by role but generally include relevant educational degrees and professional experience. Technical roles may require specific certifications.

2. How can I apply for a job at Serco in Dubai?

ANS: Candidates can apply through Serco’s official careers portal by submitting their resumes and completing an online application form.

3. What benefits does Serco offer to its employees?

ANS: Serco provides competitive salaries, health benefits, retirement plans, performance bonuses, and opportunities for professional development.

4. What is the work culture like at Serco Dubai?

ANS: The work culture is collaborative and inclusive, with a strong emphasis on integrity, trust, and respect.

5. Does Serco offer training programs for its employees?

ANS: Yes, Serco offers various training and development programs aimed at enhancing employees’ skills and career growth.

6.What impact does Serco have on the community in Dubai?

Serco contributes to the community through sustainability efforts and community engagement programs, improving public services and infrastructure.


Serco helps in community sustainability and carries out community engagement programs toward improvement in public services and infrastructure. Summing Serco offers careers in Dubai that provide lots of opportunities to work around the kingdom in the transport, health, defense, and facility management sectors, among others. Everything that this company represents: employee empowerment, diversity, and community engagement, makes the Serco Group one of the most likable employers in the United Arab Emirates. This place has opportunities to be able to work, for example, for a job at Serco in Dubai, and working for Serco means you are on your way to a successful career in one of the most vibrant places in the world.

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