ELV Systems Technician

    Khadamat Facilities Management LLC


    As an ELV Systems Technician, you will be responsible for installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting various extra-low voltage systems, including but not limited to security systems, audiovisual equipment, telecommunications, and data networks. Your role will involve working with advanced technologies to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of these systems.


    • Install, configure, and maintain ELV systems including security systems, CCTV, access control, audiovisual equipment, telecommunications, and data networks.
    • Interpret technical drawings, diagrams, and specifications to ensure accurate installation and integration of ELV systems.
    • Conduct system tests, diagnose issues, and perform troubleshooting to resolve technical problems efficiently.
    • Collaborate with clients, engineers, and other stakeholders to understand project requirements and provide technical support.
    • Ensure compliance with industry standards, codes, and safety regulations throughout all installation and maintenance activities.
    • Conduct regular inspections, preventive maintenance, and system upgrades to optimize performance.
    • Train end-users on the proper operation and maintenance of ELV systems.
    • Keep abreast of technological advancements and industry trends in ELV systems.

    To apply for this job email your details to jobs@khadamat.ae