Teacher of Chinese

    Tanglin Trust School

    Job Summary

    A Chinese teacher with outstanding subject knowledge and broad experience of teaching
    ages 11-18, with the ability to enthuse and inspire students, maximising achievement and
    progress at all levels. A colleague with commitment, integrity and excellent communication
    skills. A teacher with flexibility, resilience, and a caring approach towards students. An
    innovator with the ability to contribute to an outstanding department.

    Key Responsibilities

    The post-holder will

    Learning & Teaching

    • Manage an effective, enthusiastic and safe learning environment.
    • Deliver the curriculum to assigned classes in accordance with the timetable.
    • Differentiate lessons according to the abilities and learning needs of individual students.
    • Promote independent and active learning by adopting teaching and learning
      strategies which develop the competence and confidence of every student.
    • Seek to develop students’ attributes through the Tanglin Learner Profile, as well as seeking opportunities to develop their own attributes through that framework.
    • Ensure the thorough implementation of subject specifications, teaching schemes,
      assessment policies and reporting procedures.
    • Create opportunities for students to develop confidence in the subject through
      carefully planned and managed activities.
    • Support a departmental and whole school culture of innovation that includes varied and exciting teaching approaches, technological integration and thoughtful
    • Possess the flexibility required to teach a range of texts, topics and ability levels.
    • Possess the flexibility required to teach either pathway (A level or IB) in the sixth form.

    Planning & Development

    • Take responsibility for at least one aspect of the Chinese curriculum development
      each year, following discussion and negotiation with department leadership team
      (eg creation of new scheme of work and associated schemes of assessment;drafting of departmental policy; organisation of trip).
    • Assist the Chinese department leadership team in evaluating and developing the
      Mandarin curriculum.
    • Take advantage of some of the many opportunities for professional development
      offered by Tanglin.
    • Take responsibility for their own professional development, and that of colleagues, by occasionally leading departmental or faculty inset or department meetings in an area of expertise.
    • Assist the AHOF/HOF in identifying areas for development in Chinese within the
      broader aims of the school development plan.
    • Collaborate with colleagues in the planning and delivery of schemes of work,
      including the choice of appropriate teaching and learning methods to meet the
      needs of the subject, and of different pupils.
    • Assist HOF/AHOFs in adapting curriculum content and methods of teaching and
      examining as appropriate.
    • Support a school culture of innovation that includes technological integration.
    • Be supportive of and open to the frequent change that characterises a school such as Tanglin.

    Management of Resources and the Teaching Environment

    • Assist the AHOF in identifying appropriate resources within the limits of the
      departmental budget.
    • Assist the AHOF in ensuring that departmental rooms present stimulating
      environments, which help to influence pupils’ attitudes positively towards Chinese.

    Assessment, Recording & Reporting

    • Ensure pupils’ work is regularly assessed according to English Faculty policy and that homework is in line with school policy.
    • Report to parents in accordance with the school’s reporting policy as laid down in the Staff Handbook.
    • To use information gained from assessment, recording and reporting procedures to generate further improvement in pupil achievement.
    • Assist the AHOF in the setting and marking of school examinations and to supervise entries for external examinations.

    Pastoral and Co-Curricular

    • When required, take on a form tutor role in the Senior School and fulfil the
      responsibilities of that position.
    • Follow the School’s policies and procedures with regard to discipline and behaviour, daily routines, duties, homework, leave of absence, and visits, as laid down in the Staff Handbook.
    • Contribute to co-curricular activities that broaden pupils’ experiences and
      contribute to the general life of the school.

    Communication and Liaison

    • Help to establish a love of reading and writing around the school through your own enthusiasm for the subject
    • Contribute wholeheartedly to English department activities such as book week,
      debating and the public speaking competition.
    • Attend and contribute to meetings of a professional nature with HOF, HOY, SSLT
      and in other circumstances when requested.
    • Liaise with the AHOF and HOF in respect of pupil records, rewards and sanctions. Maintain appropriate links with teaching colleagues in all sections of the school and foster cross-curricular links where appropriate.
    • Liaise with members of the Learning Support Team with regard to individual
      students who may have exceptional needs, to ensure that those needs are understood, planned for and met.
    • Liaise with pastoral staff, including form tutors, Heads of Year, the Assistant Heads of School and the Head of Careers on matters pertaining to the study of English.
    • Contributing to the strengthening of the parent-teacher partnership in individual and whole school initiatives as and when required.
    • Assist the AHOF in developing effective links with the wider community in order to extend the study of English and enhance teaching and learning.

    To apply for this job please visit www.tts.edu.sg.