Products Trading Operator

The Role

The Senior role primarily coordinates with all aspects of the operations (both cargo and freight aspects of the deal) as well as scheduling activities for a defined set of accounts and ensures that all obligations arising from the contracts/charter parties are carried out.

The ideal candidate should have some knowledge and experience in Middle Distillates (MD)/Jet Oil operations, a track record of blending competencies, demonstrated expertise in operations systems and processes as well as a proven track record of strong performance in Operations.

The senior operator is the second-in-command to manage and influence without formal authority and coach the team locally when the Ops Manager is away.      

Operations are the key executors of the’ life of the deal, managing product movements on bulk oils or product tankers from supply to delivery point in an operationally excellent and optimal manner, preventing profit leakage and looking for value add opportunities.

Key challenges and competencies include:

  • Some Ops roles will be more involved with running Time charter vessels, operating Shell-leased terminals, and or possibly involved in some blending activities. In these instances, Ops are expected to defend the P&L and look out for opportunities to maximize margins through effective asset utilization, preventing unnecessary downtime/demurrage, or improving blend margins.
  • Ensure that all obligations arising from the biofuels/chemicals/products contract and charter party are executed flawlessly, in compliance with governmental and industrial regulations as well as HSSE guidelines.
  • Daily external interface with contractual counterparties, terminal operators, vessel owners/brokers, national oil companies, and competitors.
  • Daily internal interface with traders, charterers, shipping, manufacturing , Product Optimizers, deal makers, claims, contracts, demurrage, and legal.
  • Expected to manage supply and delivery schedules with internal and external. Ops will need to appreciate the challenges and constraints of the end-to-end supply chain, and operationalize a plan to meet those objectives while remaining profitable and compliant.
  • Timely and accurate ship, cargo, and date range nominations to ensure supply integrity and successful implementation of commercial business/supply intent.
  • Manage vessel operations, such as scheduling, routing, bunkering, stow planning & optimization, issuing voyage orders, and monitoring fleet of vessels under your charge.
  • Manage cargo operations, such as managing the cleaning, off-spec issues, cargo readiness, scheduling, blending (where applicable for more senior or specialized ops roles), avoiding tank-top/stock-out situations, and volume/date-range optimization.
  • Support post-deal activities like customs clearance, demurrage, and claims, for example, ensuring that all necessary operational information is passed on in good time and documentary requirements are met.
  • Appoint independent inspectors, expeditors, ship-to-ship service providers, and ships agents.
  • Ensure that all operational data is updated into trading systems in a timely and accurate manner, facilitating up-to-date and accurate information flow.
  • Ensure that adequate records are kept to meet the company’s legal and fiscal obligations.
  • Ensure that any necessary financial security is in place prior to the transfer of title to customers.
  • Ensure that any necessary documentation work is in place to be compliant with the local and international regulatory requirements.
  • Be available to manage critical out of regular office hour issues or during weekends.
  • Proactively liaise with charterers to ensure smooth operations, avoid supply disruption and minimize demurrage costs. A clear understanding of and/or experience in Trading & Supply-related operations. It will be advantageous to have at least 3-4 years of experience in a Trading and Supply (or similar) operations-type environment, with a proven track record of successfully collaborating with channel partners, suppliers, 3P service providers, and customers.

Competencies and Skills Requirements:

  • Clear evidence of commerciality and ability to maximize end-to-end margins or add value to the bottom line. For example, ability to assess trade-offs, provide optimization alternatives, proven ability to actively lead make-buy-blend-type conversations, delivering results through innovation and expertise.
  • Ability to expertly manage the end-to-end supply chain: accurately collating requirements, working across different stakeholders, creating effective supply plans, and utilizing the right tools to monitor as well as successfully execute supply strategy and plans.
  • Some blending experience or demonstrable capacity/ability to do so will be advantageous.
  • Display a clear understanding of and ability to clearly articulate the demands and nature of the business.
  • Clear evidence of effective teamwork, strong networking, and influencing skills.
  • Prospective candidates should be able to demonstrate the ability to deliver results through strong stakeholder and relationship management skills.                                                                                               
  • Proven record and evidence of being able to manage multiple and conflicting priorities to achieve business intent and objectives independently.
  • Proven record and evidence of ability to problem solve in uncertain circumstances or working with incomplete information.
  • Proven record and evidence of ability to function well in a fast-paced dynamic environment where changes are the norm.
  • Proven record of demonstrating resilience in adversity, determination, and a strong drive to deliver results.
  • Demonstrate a clear passion for operations excellence and evidence of successfully leading or championing optimization initiatives.
  • Attention to detail, meticulousness, and numeracy skills are prerequisites.                                                   
  • Strong experience and keen focus on HSSE and Compliance Culture.
  • Strong coaching and people development skills.
  • A strong mindset for operational excellence as well as commerciality is key                                                                                                                                     
  • Strong skill and capability to influence without authority and step up to leading teams.                                      
  • Accountability as contract holder of any service or tankage contracts.      
  • Candidates need to be proactive self-starters who demonstrate strong personal leadership, as well as the ability to informally lead or influence teams through experience and competence.

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