Sharjah Taxi Jobs 2024: Multiple Driving Jobs

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Drive on in a Sharjah cab for an excellent balance of stable income with flexibility in working hours and the possibility of encountering various characters daily. With the economy booming and the demand for transportation services taking the same tilt, Sharjah taxi jobs are among the most sought-after. This guide will help you through all that needs to be done for a fulfilling career as a taxi driver in Sharjah.

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Job Description For Sharjah Taxi LLC

Company:Sharjah Taxi LLC
Country:United Arab Emirates
Job Location:Sharjah
Job Type:Contractual
Career Level:Entry-Level
Preferred Nationality:Selective
Education:High School
License:UAE driving license
Language Skills:Proficient in English speaking
Salary:3000-7000 AED per month
Benefits:As per UAE labor law
Application type:Online
Last Updated on:June 25th, 2024
Sharjah Taxi Jobs 2024: Multiple Driving Jobs

Why Choose Sharjah for Taxi Jobs?

The city of Sharjah is a cultural and economic nerve center in the UAE, offering taxi drivers numerous opportunities. Since it has a lot of populations with wide arrays, and it is a high-tourism area strategically located, it offers the following:

  • Economic Stability: Sharjah still controls a strong and stable economy which commands job security to the drivers, in turn providing some level of steady incomes.
  • Cultural Diversity: You will be meeting people from diverse backgrounds, and this would augment your interpersonal skills.
  • Growing Demand: The large number of tourists and locals flowing in continuously makes the demand for taxi services very high.

Understanding Sharjah Taxi Jobs

Job Description

It means you are to drive a taxi in Sharjah—you’ll drive your passengers everywhere in town. You’ll need a good grip on the roads, then know all the essential spots and be aware of the traffic situation.

Daily Routine

As a taxi driver in Sharjah, daily, you will pick up people, estimate the best routes with your GPS, take good care of your car, and deliver folks to their destination safely.

Requirements for Sharjah Taxi Jobs


  • Valid UAE driving license (Category 3)
  • Minimum age of 21 years
  • Basic understanding of English or Arabic
  • Clean driving record

Additional Skills

  • Good communication skills
  • Knowledge of Sharjah’s geography
  • Customer service skills

List Of Available Vacancies:

Taxi DriversSharjah

Application Process

How to Apply

To apply for a taxi driver job in Sharjah, follow these steps:

  1. Collect the following documents: driver’s license, passport, visa, resume.
  2. Hire a Taxi Company: Look for reputed taxi companies in Sharjah and pay them visits or visit their websites.
  3. Make an Application: Complete and submit the application form with the necessary documents.

Subject: Please specify “Applying For Position” in the subject of email.
Send Your CV to: [email protected]

Necessary Documents

  • Copy of your driving license
  • Passport-sized photos
  • Visa and passport copies
  • Resume

Training and Orientation

Training Programs

Before you start working, you’ll undergo a training program that covers:

  • Safe driving practices
  • Customer service
  • Navigation and use of GPS technology

Skills Development

Continuous training sessions will help you improve your driving skills, learn new routes, and handle various customer scenarios effectively.

Salary and Benefits

Average Salary

In Sharjah, a taxi driver can typically earn between AED 3,000 and AED 5,000 per month. Your experience and the company you work for influence this range.

Additional Benefits

  • Free Visa: Many companies offer free visa sponsorship.
  • Health Insurance: Comprehensive health coverage.
  • Incentives: Performance-based bonuses and tips from passengers.

Visa and Work Permits

Free Visa Process

Most taxi companies in Sharjah provide free visa sponsorship. This process involves:

  1. Company Sponsorship: The taxi company sponsors your visa.
  2. Medical Test: Pass a mandatory medical examination.
  3. Visa Approval: Obtain your work visa from the immigration department.

Work Permit Details

A work permit allows you to legally work in Sharjah. Ensure your permit is always up-to-date and renew it as required.

Top Taxi Companies in Sharjah

Company Profiles

  • Sharjah Taxi: Known for excellent customer service and competitive salaries.
  • City Taxi: Offers comprehensive training programs and benefits.
  • Union Taxi: Provides a supportive work environment and growth opportunities.

Hiring Policies

Each company has specific hiring criteria, so research and prepare accordingly to improve your chances of being hired.

Work Environment

Daily Challenges

  • Navigating through traffic congestion
  • Dealing with various weather conditions
  • Managing time efficiently

Working Hours

Taxi drivers typically work in shifts, offering flexibility to choose hours that suit your lifestyle.

Career Growth Opportunities

Promotion Pathways

Starting as a taxi driver can lead to roles such as:

  • Fleet Supervisor
  • Training Instructor
  • Operations Manager

Career Advancement

With experience, you can advance your career within the company or move to higher-paying positions in the transportation industry.

Safety Measures and Regulations

Safety Protocols

Taxi companies in Sharjah enforce strict safety protocols, including:

  • Regular vehicle inspections
  • Driver safety training
  • Emergency response procedures

Government Regulations

Adhere to Sharjah’s transportation laws to avoid fines and penalties. These include speed limits, seatbelt usage, and prohibitions against using mobile phones while driving.

Sharjah Traffic Rules

Important Traffic Laws

  • Always wear your seatbelt
  • Obey speed limits
  • No mobile phone use while driving


Violating traffic laws can result in fines, license suspension, or other legal consequences.

Customer Service Skills

Importance of Good Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service leads to higher tips, repeat customers, and positive reviews.

Tips for Improving Customer Service

  • Greet passengers warmly
  • Assist with luggage
  • Be courteous and professional at all times

Technology in Taxi Services

Use of Apps

Taxi services in Sharjah are increasingly incorporating technology, such as:

  • Mobile booking apps
  • GPS navigation systems

GPS Technology

Using GPS ensures efficient routing, reduces travel time, and improves overall service quality.

Sharjah Taxi App


  • Real-time tracking
  • Easy booking
  • Cashless payment options

Benefits of Using the App

For drivers, the app provides:

  • More ride requests
  • Efficient navigation
  • Better customer interaction

Common Challenges

Traffic Congestion

Plan your routes carefully and stay updated on traffic conditions to avoid delays.

Dealing with Difficult Customers

Stay calm, listen to their concerns, and address issues professionally.

Testimonials from Sharjah Taxi Drivers

Real-life Experiences

Hear from current drivers about their experiences, such as: “Working as a taxi driver in Sharjah has been a rewarding experience. The flexible hours allow me to spend time with my family.” – Ahmed

Success Stories

Many drivers have progressed to managerial roles within their companies, showcasing the potential for career growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I apply for a taxi driver job in Sharjah?

ANS: To apply, gather your documents, choose a taxi company, and submit your application.

Q2: What is the average salary for taxi drivers in Sharjah?

ANS: The average salary ranges from AED 3,000 to AED 5,000 per month.

Q3: Do taxi companies in Sharjah offer free visas?

ANS: Yes, many taxi companies provide free visa sponsorship.

Q4: What are the working hours for taxi drivers in Sharjah?

ANS: Drivers typically work in shifts, offering flexibility.

Q5: Is training provided for new taxi drivers?

ANS: Yes, companies offer comprehensive training programs for new hires.

Q6: What are the key traffic rules I need to follow in Sharjah?

ANS: Important rules include wearing seatbelts, obeying speed limits, and not using mobile phones while driving.


Starting a Sharjah taxi-driving career is very rewarding in financial and other terms. With these aspects in mind, as a prospective driver, you will be well appraised on what to expect from the job how to apply, and the gains accrued from it, therefore prepping you to forge forward. And remember, exemplary service to the customer and adherence to the safety rules is the way to success in this job.

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