Skilled Labor Jobs in Dubai 2024: Vacancies (May)

Dubai’s economy is not only surging but also a beacon of hope for skilled labor across the wide spectrums of industries. The details in this guide go way into the fine print that drives the jobs of skilled labor in Dubai, among other things, defining the most demanding sectors and comprehending local labor laws, which govern these roles.

Understanding Skilled Labor in Dubai

Skilled labor in Dubai, therefore, refers to jobs that entail some form of professional capacity that comes with a degree of experience and qualification. Categorically, the range of these professions has been broadly categorized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation into different professional levels, from the level of technicians in scientific fields, skilled craftsmen in construction, to machinery operators​ (UAE Official Portal)​. They are more educated and trained, respectively, with competitive salaries based on the level of skills and certified qualification necessary for their performance​ (MOHRE)​.

Skilled Labor Jobs in Dubai 2024: Vacancies (May)

Key Sectors for Skilled Labor

  1. Construction and Engineering: Dubai’s skyline is under construction for all time—work is never done. It requires a large amount of skilled labor, from masons and carpenters to civil engineers and project managers, starting from the creation of landscapes up to the city.
  2. The demand for IT professionals is poised to shoot up in Dubai, just as the city desires to be the hub for world technology. Among the most in-demand professions are software development, cybersecurity, and system engineering—careers that resonate with the city’s strategy of digital transformation.
  3. Health: The health care system in Dubai is one of the highest, which allows enough opportunities for doctors, nurses, and medical technicians. The MoHRE commits to this sector to integrate the skilled health carers with the other members of society.
  4. Tourism and Hospitality: As one of the most visited cities by tourists in the entire world, Dubai provides a lot of working opportunities for those dealing with hospitality management, event coordination, and culinary reporting.

Employment Laws and Regulations

Working in Dubai requires understanding its legal framework. The UAE’s labor laws prohibit discrimination and outline specific rights and responsibilities for both employers and employees​​. Moreover, the government actively enforces policies to protect labor rights and ensure fair employment practices​.

Advantages of Working in Dubai

Working in Dubai comes with numerous benefits:

  • Competitive Salaries: Skilled labor jobs in Dubai often offer attractive salary packages that are tax-free, providing a significant incentive for expatriates.
  • Professional Growth: The dynamic and diverse working environment in Dubai fosters professional development and networking opportunities.
  • Quality of Life: Dubai offers a high standard of living, with world-class amenities, safety, and healthcare.

Finding Skilled Labor Jobs

Platforms like Dubai Careers and other local job portals are excellent resources for finding skilled labor positions in Dubai​ (Dubai Careers)​. Additionally, agencies like Pact Employment specialize in connecting skilled individuals with potential employers, offering extensive networks and recruitment services​​.

Skilled Labor Job Vacancies (Current Openings)

Indian Foreman

Experience: 3 years of experience
Work Sector: required for a tape factory.
Benefits: Salary + overtime and accommodation will be provided.
Contact: 050-7380113
Job Posted on: 13th May 2024

Required for an MEP Company (6 Nos.)

1. Foreman (A/C Ducting)
2. A/C Technician
3. Mechanical Engineer
4. Accountant
5. Receptionist
6. Electrical Engineer

WhatsApp: 050-7868493
Email Cv to: [email protected]
Job Posted on: 13th May 2024

Estimator & Aluminium and Glazing Draftsman (2 Nos.)

1) Estimator
 Must have a minimum of 6 years of proven experience as an Estimator Engineer in aluminum and glazing industry.

2) Aluminium and Glazing Draftsman
 Must have at least 2-3 years of experience.

Email Cv to: [email protected]
Job Posted on: 13th May 2024

Career in Garage UAE (Accountant, Salesman, Technician)

1) Assistant Accountant (Tally) Cum Garage Equipment Sales coordinator
2) Garage Equipment Outdoor Salesman
3) Garage Equipment Technician cum Manual Gear Driver

Call / WhatsApp: 054-3037632
Job Posted on: 13th May 2024

Painter cum Plaster / Plumber & Electrician / AC technician helper

1) Painter cum Plaster 
2) Plumber & Electrician
3) AC technician helper
4) Driver cum helper

Experience: Candidates must have 3 to 5 years of experience. Electricians, carpenters.
− Must have valid UAE driving manual licenses.
Salary: AED 2,000 to 3,000.
Preferred Nationality: Indian, Nepalese, Pakistani

Email Cv to[email protected]
Job Posted on: 13th May 2024


− Required to work on a private farm.
WhatsApp CV to: 050-3810343 / 050-3525003
Job Posted on: 3rd May 2024

Required for a Company in Dubai (3 Nos.)

1) Tile Mason
2) Finishing Carpenter
3) Gypsum Carpenter

− Good salary provided.
Call: 055-3619415
Job Posted on: 3rd May 2024


It, therefore, makes Dubai a good haven for labor, holding all the skilled work and job opportunities. Dubai’s strategic location, a proper economic framework, and strong commitments toward innovations have always made it still attractive for the well-skilled professionals from around the world. It thus provides a useful and promising landscape for personal and professional growth to a seasoned professional and one who wants to begin a new chapter in one’s career.

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