How to get a job with no Experience – Job Hunting Tips

Here I’m going to show you two steps to help you find a job with no experience so that way you can find the right job in less time. If your resume doesn’t have the experience needed to land the job that you’re applying for on job boards. Then chances are you aren’t getting any interviews. Right?
But without giving any interviews for all the work you put in you probably feel like you’ve hit the wall. Well, I’ve been there myself and overcome your lack of experience. You have to make two simple changes in your job search.

First step here
Is to stop looking for a job online and prioritize getting face-to-face with managers in the industry. That you want to work in well. How do you do that, first write down the names of the people that you know in or around the industry. That you want to work on now instead of telling them that you are looking for a job. And start asking them for advice and specific career advice because everyone loves to give advice is he asking for advice is like this magic key that opens the door to places that you only dreamt of. Getting into in the past now there are three benefits to changing your focus from asking for a job to asking for advice.

First, you’re going to get valuable insight into the job opportunities from managers. Who are in the know, they know about the jobs before they’re posted online.

How to get a job with no Experience – Job Hunting Tips

Second, you’re going to gain exposure to talents your talents in particular using a one-pager called the career outline.
This will help you or help managers find a job specifically for your profile and
Third your confidence which has probably been beaten down by the job boards is going to bounce back to an all-time high. Because your going to freaking control of your job search instead of sitting anxiously behind a computer. And waiting for your job to show up in the Inbox.

So this is the first step, the first step is asking for advice and this is three big wins to help you find a job with no experience. Is this making sense?

Alright, so let’s move on to the second step, the second step introduces a one-pager I design called the career Outline. You’d think that when you’re in advice meeting, that you should bring your resume right or wrong. Remember your resume doesn’t have the experience needed for the job you’re looking for. You know when I was in that
Exact same situation myself. I use this one pager to change the conversation from what I didn’t have an experience of what I did have in terms of skills and interest in my work environment. Preferences you see, I changed the perspective of the hiring manager by changing the profile that I shared with him. Does this make sense?, instead of showing them something that I lacked using a resume.I show them what I had in abundance and by changing my profile. Hiring managers saw my potential which opened doors to opportunities. That I was considered unqualified for on job boards. Now you can crack more job offers using this exact same technique.

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