Manager Risk Management

    Job Summary

    • Supervise ACCL’s risk management identification and mitigation activities (operational, financial, and organizational risks)
    • Assist in the development of the Portfolio and Asset Management’s annual business plan, KPIs, budget, and policies and procedures
    • Assist management in developing ACCL’s risk management strategy and determining ACCL’s target risk profile for input into strategic and business plans
    • Develop risk management policies and procedures for all of ACCL operations
    • Ensure the development of internal risk controls across the organization, measure their effectiveness, and recommend remedial action
    • Perform identification of all risks facing ACCL (strategic, business, and operational), develop mitigation plans, and monitor effectiveness of plans
    • Develop the risk register of ACCL and coordinate with all departments in identifying and mitigating risks
    • Assist in assessing the risks of all projects that ACCL will undertake by potentially allocating Risk resources to projects to identify risks, develop mitigating plans, and measure their effectiveness
    • Assist Internal Audit in auditing risk management tools at ACCL
    • Perform the risk and control self assessment process
    • Develop the quarterly and annual risk reports for escalation to the Audit & Corporate Governance committee and the Board of Directors, respectively


    • Bachelors degree in finance/accounting, or engineering, or economics or management from a top-rated university


    • 3-6 years of management consulting , strategic or corporate planning experience with a leading consultancy or conglomerate
    • Deep exposure to KSA/ GCC region and adjacent markets
    • Experience in Real Estate development, with a focus on retail development and operations


    • Excellent analytical skills
    • Strong understanding and experience in the MENA economies and markets
    • Proven skills in negotiation and problem resolution
    • Strong interpersonal skills
    • Strong writing and presentation skills
    • Business-level command of English, written and spoken (Arabic is a strong preference)

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