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How to answer ‘ Tell Me About Yourself ‘ : This will be one of the first questions you will face. And the way you answer it will set the tone for the entire interview.One thing that stays true for, “answer every time you are asked” and keep it professional How to answer ‘ Tell Me About Yourself ‘. Employers are not asking you this question because they want to know what your favorite color is. They want to know why you are the best candidate for the job. Employers want to hire the best person for the job and your job is to convince them.


This is you as it is most likely the first question you will face in your interview. It is one of the first impressions we’ll be giving the employer. You want to give the most professional image of yourself as possible in order to accomplish this. Do not volunteer personal information. Please tell me about yourself

well I’m 25 years old I was born and raised in this city I have two dogs and I love basketball.
this candidate has already set himself back. You don’t want to give any information about your personal life but rather your professional life. And how it relates to the position.

You are interviewing to do this successfully. You need to prepare and structure your answer highlighting your relevant education experience. And professional qualities from the job description. You know what the qualifications for the job are and what skills the employer is looking for. So you want to highlight all of the previous work experience, education, training and all other professional skills that are relevant to the position. No matter what your work history is. You have transferable skills, if this is your first job in your field, then highlight the skills and training you receive from your education as they pertain to the job. And talk about any transferable Skills you might have gained from any of your work experience. Highlight your accomplishments. As well if you’ve received any academic awards or any promotions or commendations from your job.

How to answer ‘ Tell Me About Yourself ‘

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Feel free to mention it not every position you interview for is going to be exactly the same. Even if the job title is each company has different needs. So study the Job Description and figure out exactly like what it is they’re looking for. Once you figure out what the employer is looking for in a candidate. Your job is to be that person. So emphasize the skills and qualifications you have that relate to the job. Specifically, try to keep your answers in chronological order.  You do not have to recap your professional history year by year. But detailing the experiences and skills that you have gained. As you obtain them in an organized fashion will leave a good impression on the employer.Your resume can help you with this.

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