How to Apply for Government Jobs in Dubai & UAE ?

Dubai, also known as the Abu Dhabi UAE government, most employs the state in the United Arab Emirates, and the majority of employees have come from foreign nations. If you’re looking for UAE government jobs, regardless of whether you are from the UAE or outside the country, you’re in the right spot.

In this article, I will provide you with the steps to find Dubai or other government jobs in the state and apply online.

Many online platforms advertise UAE government job openings, but I doubt their legitimacy, as the Abu Dhabi government has its job platform and most of the government. Organizations post their requirements here.

Where can I find Dubai and UAE government positions?

It’s easy to find government job openings in Dubai or the UAE. Visit this UAE or Dubai official government site for job openings and sign up for an account. The registered user can log in using their username or telephone number or email address and password.

After registering yourself, go to the official government entity you would like to be a part of or work for and search for the job.

The site is highly flexible. Users can build an online CV, upload their CV, and then import their LinkedIn profile onto LinkedIn. LinkedIn website. Here’s the live video about how to search for UAE and Dubai government job openings.