Samples & Tips: How to Write a Paralegal Cover Letter (2023)

Samples & Tips: How to Write a Paralegal Cover Letter (2023): As paralegals, you will be expected to perform legal tasks on behalf of an attorney. You’ll be applying for law firms or corporate legal department positions. Some of your responsibilities include writing documents, organizing documents, researching, aiding lawyers during trials making reports, researching details of the case, and more. The resume for a paralegal must include the most compelling arguments that show why you are an ideal candidate for the job.

Samples & Tips: How to Write a Paralegal Cover Letter (2022)

A strong cover letter can convince the hiring manager to look over the CV. If you’re looking for an entry-level job, your cover letter must emphasize the skills and expertise that you have acquired through your internships and studies.

For many, becoming a paralegal can help them get started in their legal career, while some stay in the field for the rest of their lives. They help lawyers, whose job requires them to apply their legal knowledge in cases.

Legal cases require a lot of documents and paperwork, and it is the responsibility of a paralegal to duplicate and forward this information to various organizations. As paralegals, you have to make sure that copies are high-quality and have no secret or confidential information disclosed. It will be helpful to supervise the process of making copies to ensure accuracy. The majority of time is used to cover or remove privileged details before making copies and stamping the numbers to keep track of each document.

In time, your job gets more complex, and you can research lawyers. Then, the paralegals will become competent and respected in their job. They can then write the initial drafts for lawyers. As of now, the paralegal should be just as proficient as lawyers in various subjects.

Do’s and don’ts of an attorney cover letter.

  • Make sure to tailor the contents of your letter of application to the post you are applying for.
  • Do not forget to highlight your most relevant skills and explain the qualifications concisely. Your abilities should be valuable to the business and not oversimplify your resume.
  • Be sure to read the job description thoroughly to highlight the qualifications required for the position in your resume cover letter.
  • Don’t go beyond one page. The cover letter should be short, concise, simple, and concise.
  • Provide examples to demonstrate your capabilities and skills. Make use of a few sentences to discuss why you are a great candidate for the job. Utilize facts and information when feasible.
  • Do mention your excitement about the prospect of landing the job and explain how it aligns with your career objectives.
  • Make sure you use a legible font and do not mix small and capital letters excessively.
  • Edit your cover letter before sending it. Be sure to check for spelling mistakes, grammar errors, structural mistakes, as well as awkward words.

Paralegal work can be stressful due to the sheer amount of paperwork and filing needed. To succeed, you need to be:

  • Extremely well-organized
  • Focused on detail
  • Efficient
  • Resilient
  • dedicated
  • A good communicator
  • A fantastic time management tool
  • Patient
  • Excellent in finding solutions to issues

How to write the cover letter for paralegals

  1. To ensure that you get the job, look at the job description thoroughly and note the qualifications and abilities they require. Make sure to highlight these capabilities and skills on your resume. Explain how you’ve dealt with problems and how you have overcome the issues.
  2. You should dress professionally. Be professional even if you have a connection with the hiring manager. Use the appropriate language and be respectful of the work environment.
  3. Make sure you are thorough and list your entire legal work experience relevant to the job’s requirements. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your focus on the finer details, organization, and coherence. The hiring manager is looking for an individual who can be attentive in court.
  4. Don’t be afraid to let your confidence shine in your resume. You should be knowledgeable about the field without appearing cocky. The manager hiring you needs to be sure that you understand the subject you’re speaking about.
  5. Make sure you highlight your research abilities and any areas of expertise that you are exceptionally skilled in.
  6. Exhibit your passion and enthusiasm for your job. The job requires a lot of paperwork, exhausting and dull. The person who hires you must be sure that you’ll be a fun part of their team despite this.

When creating your letter of cover, ensure that it conveys your qualifications as the top candidate for the job. A properly written cover letter should reflect the candidate’s professionalism, self-motivation thorough and committed abilities. This will help the attorney to be more efficient so that they can have the time to complete legal work. They should demonstrate exceptional writing and communications skills.

Paralegal cover letter template

[Applicant’s Name]

[The current address of the Applicant [Applicant’s current address]

[City, state, zip]

[Telephone number]

[official email address]


(Name of the hiring manager)

[their title]

(name of the law firm or the company[name of the law firm or company


[city, state, zip]

Dear Mr./Ms. Last name,

I am interested in the paralegal job advertised on [name the place you located the job description] in [name of the company or firm company/firm you found the job description at. I am a highly skilled and hardworking paralegal. I believe my expertise makes me a perfect candidate for this job.

I earned an associate degree in Paralegal Studies in [name of the college or university and worked at the [name of the law firm or organization during the summer vacations. I was supervised by senior paralegals, who directed and taught me about the procedures and court case protocol. My experience covers motions, discovery, and pleadings, as well as briefs. I had the chance to practice in various areas of law, including legal malpractice, insurance defense, and workers’ compensation.

A few highlights from my experience are:

  • Document preparation for trials via organizing and conducting interview sessions with clients and witnesses.
  • Introduced a checklist for opening files which improved the database of filings. The result was an increase of 10% in time lost in cataloging new cases.
  • Analysis and research of malpractice litigation, insurance defense Workers’ Compensation claims.
  • I have created legal documents such as briefs, appeals, and agreements. I also wrote the legal arguments and motions.

I am a highly motivated paralegal eager to assume responsibility for [name of firm/ business company/firm. I am now adept at managing time and managing myself. I work my time and complete tasks at hand, and maintain communication with my colleagues and clients.

I am convinced that my talents and experience make me a valuable asset to your business. I’ve attached my resume and am looking forward to finding out more about the role. I want to be part of the ever-growing and diverse group of professionals at [company name or company name[firm or company name]. Please get in touch with me by email or phone to discuss the role and how I can help achieve your goals.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my application.