Pure Health Company Details

Who are we

Being the largest platform for healthcare across the United Arab Emirates, Pure Health intends to be the hospital-in-the-cloud connected digitally that will ensure human longevity. We are an innovative company committed to enhancing accessibility across all aspects of health care by utilizing digital technology to enable practical innovation and improve health care.

What We Do

Our network of integrated services gives patients access to a wide variety of clinical expertise and centers of excellence within the healthcare field. It brings together essential clinical expertise, process knowledge technologies, and analytics to provide outcome-focused and world-class quality in all of our channels and points of contact.

How We Do

Pure Health is committed to improving longevity through high-tech care for residents and citizens of the UAE.

Company Details

Website: https://www.purehealth.ae

Industry: Hospitals and Health Care

Company size: 10,001+ employees

Headquarters: Business Bay, Dubai

Specialties: Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Hospital Operations, Laboratory Operations, Intelligent Reference Laboratories, Medical Devices, and Healthtech