Zayed Military Hospital Careers: Job Vacancies UAE

Good news! We’re excited to announce Zayed Military Hospital Careers in an accessible format as it has recently opened and many specialists are expected to join its medical facility. Below you will find options of Zayed Military Hospital Jobs; we will share with you details about medical clinic recruitment opportunity. Additionally, please find a list of Zayed Army Hospital Jobs here as well.

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Hospital NameZayed Military Hospital
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
Job LocationAbu Dhabi, UAE
Job typeFull time
NationalityAny Nationalities
EducationDegree/diploma holders
ExperienceExperience is Mandatory
SalaryDiscussed during an interview
BenefitsExcellent Benefits
Application typeOnline
Last Updated onMay 18th, 2024

Zayed Military Hospital Careers in Abu Dhabi

Zayed Military Hospital Careers in Abu Dhabi

About Zayed Military Hospital

Zayed Military Hospital forms part of Zayed Military City and can be found in Al Shahama area northeast of Abu Dhabi in UAE. It was recently built as a 260-bed hospital complete with ICUs (Immediate Care Unit), Burn ICUs, Cardiac Care Units and medical surgical beds as well as pediatric beds – further expanding to 300 total beds thanks to psychiatric units located separately within separate buildings.

The Zayed Military Hospital campus covers 121,000 square meters on 56 acres of land. It includes an ambulatory care facility as well as housing for hospital personnel and doctors, an ambulatory care unit and 1,500 parking spots available to both staff, patients, visitors, as well as visitors of the hospital. Due to the expansive nature of this project, an additional phase is planned that involves expanding single bedrooms into double-sized ones for expansion purposes and increasing their bed capacities to 500 beds each night.

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Salary and Benefits

Zayed Military Hospital, located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates offers competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits packages to its employees. Recognizing the necessity of recruiting top talent within medicine, it offers incentives for staff.

Pay at Zayed Military Hospital is competitive and commensurate with knowledge and experience. Employees may qualify for annual salary increases based on performance evaluations.

Hospital benefits packages provide healthcare insurance to staff and dependents as well as retirement savings plans for employees. In addition, employees are eligible for paid annual and sick leave as well as other forms of time off such as overtime pay. Furthermore, certain employees with vital roles are offered accommodation at the hospital.

Alongside traditional rewards, Zayed Military Hospital also provides its employees with professional development opportunities through courses in continuing education and training. Furthermore, this facility fosters a positive workplace by offering employee wellness programs designed to foster balanced work-life integration and overall well-being.

Zayed Military Hospital provides its employees with competitive wages and benefits packages, and opportunities to pursue professional growth and development. Recognizing their value to the hospital, it strives to create an environment conducive to their health and well-being at work.

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List of Available Job Vacancies:

  1. Consultant ER Consultant
  2. ICU Consultant
  3. Anesthesia Consultant
  4. General Surgery Consultant
  5. Physiatrist Consultant
  6. Orthopedic Surgery Consultant
  7. Cardiology Consultant
  8. Psychiatrist Consultant
  9. Pulmonologist Consultant
  10. Clinical Pathology

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