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How to Prepare For An Interview : I know that some of you are going to attend an interview and very curious about that. – Interview Tips . So I’m going to show you three steps to prepare for an interview. So that way you can win the job offer with “How to Prepare For An Interview”.

Now if you’ve not interviewed in a while, chances are your confidence is a bit shaky right now. But if you follow these simple steps to getting prepared.Now if you’ve not interviewed in a while, chances are your confidence is a bit shaky right now.

How to Prepare For An Interview

So let’s get started with the first step,

The first step is giving a deep understanding of the job requirements, And then matching this up with your accomplishments and experiences.Now the more you understand the needs of the job that you’re applying for the better your interview answers will be. So to get started print out the job description. Then grab a blank sheet of paper and put that right next to your job description. On that blank sheet of paper and draw a simple tee diagram. On the left side of that T put your company needs.And another side is what is it’s in the job description that they’re looking for.And another side is what is it’s in the job description that they’re looking for.

And the reason why will do this is this late enables you to quickly relate your accomplishments to the very specific needs of the job that you’re applying for. And this will make answering interview questions with confidence and much easier. Now during this T diagram exercise you might find that you’ve got a gap between your experience and the company needs. So finding that out now is actually a big win. Because it gives you a chance to craft an answer on how you’re going to overcome the gap. So the first step is getting a deep understanding of the job requirements and then matching this up against your accomplishments.

Is that makes sense?

Let’s move on to the second step,

The second step for preparing for an interview is researching of the company. This might sound elementary, but you’d be surprised at just how many candidates don’t even know the names of the products or services of the company for which they are applying for. When researching the company be on the lookout for P I N T.

You see this stands for,
P – problems
I – issues
N – needs and
T – trends

All of these impacts the company. why would this be important for you, well these are the only four reasons why a company creates job openings. So you might be asking what where do I find this kind of information. Well the first place to research is the company’s website. You want to review their products and services, annual reports, news press releases, etc. just to get an understanding of the company’s challenges and their goals. Where are they headed now.

Also, you want to do a search on the company’s name in google and also social media for that matter. To see what newspapers and customers and competitors are saying about the company. You see the benefit do this will help you understand the direction that company is headed. So you don’t know how you can contribute to its success. So to recap the second step was researching the company now.

Let’s move on to the third step,

The third step is researching your potential manager. While this might sound like snooping. It’s really important that you get to know who your potential boss might be. The place to search for insights on the potential manager is to start off on the company website. Because here’s what you’re going to find out if they’d written many articles maybe have a bio there or if they’re connected with any projects that have been announced publicly. You also want to check out their profile on LinkedIn. Think about what is their profile page say about them. Are their recommendations from former colleagues that shed some light into their management style.

Maybe you have some similarities that connect the two of you, for instance you might have some interests schools or even volunteer organizations that you have in common. They also recommend taking the time to search for their name on google as well.

Three Steps to Prepare for an Interview

However doing this before a job interview and discovering that the CEO was an avid runner. His name appeared on the public roster of many local k runs and he participated in over the past years. Now as a runner myself I had an instant connection with him in the interview. So following these three steps will get you prepared for your next interview. Now you’re in a position to practice how it is that you would answer the interview questions using the insights that you collected from your research. Doing well the interview is largely due to how will you prepare for the interview. And using these three steps will not only boost your confidence in the upcoming interview, but also show that you’ve taken the initiative to stand out as a candidate.

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