Administrative Officer



    Hiring Administrative Officer


    • Must be able to handle administrative work.
    • Handling Clients, Calls, and Office Supplies.
    • Occasionally traveling off-site to meet clients
    • Ensuring the confidentiality and security of files and filing systems
    • Maintain files and copies and/or originals of all applications past and present
    • Maintain spreadsheets for all clients and organization expenses
    • Updating and maintaining information on computer systems, databases, and spreadsheets and in archives


    • Bsc in Business Administration or International Studies
    • Minimum five years’ experience in an administrative post.
    • Strong Oral and Written Communication skills
    • Ability to manage multiple demands and changes well
    • Ability to manage multiple demands and changes well
    • Proficiency in English, Arabic, Persian (farsi), Punjabi (urdu)
    • Possess good analytical and decision-making skills